fishing at sea from the mainland

Fishing on land or is divided into various activities such as: "Surfishing" or fishing from the beach, "Pierfishing" or fishing on the dock and "Rockfishing" or fishing from the rocks.

Well, here's the explanation:

1. SURFISHING (Fishing from shore): Usually performed at the edge of a sandy beach, and SPINNING is a common device used here. Can also use other types of devices, depending on the type of fish you want. Small crabs, marine worms, shrimp, sliced ​​fish, live and artificial baits also can be used as bait. On the potential locations, you may be able to fish large enough.

2. PIERFISHING (Fishing from the pier): Fishing from the port, dock or anchoring wood waves. Most anglers from the dock to do it for recreation, as well by bringing their families. But you also should try it, because it is not possible to get large fish such as sharks, stingrays, white snapper, etc.. A common tool used is the type SPINNING, because it is easy to use. Used the same bait with SURFISHING.

3. ROCKFISHING (Fishing from the rocks): From the name it is clear that fishing activities conducted from the location of the rocky reef. I once watched a movie about fishing from the rocks, and as a target bait fish is Marlin. Marlin is not a common target in ROCKFISHING, and I've never seen before and was very thrilling and exciting. Usually on ROCKFISHING can get bigger fish when compared with SURFISHING and PIERFISHING. Both the device and the bait used was the same as SURFISHING and PIERFISHING, but the fishing activities carried out from a steep rocky beaches and also a little difficult to achieve at some locations

fishing tips and tricks rabbitfish

* Choose a chart that has long been a lot of mussels and barnacles sticking his foot bamboo chart, if you can not find the chart waring the chart to find fish or squid on which there is a hut.

* Look for the boatman who knew the terrain.

* Try to wear gloves or otherwise thick cloth to hold the rabbitfish rabbitfish because the thorns are numerous. Although rabbitfish is dead, could still contain fins, so try cleaning the fins shaved / trimmed, new dibelek entrails removed and cleaned after it is processed according to individual taste.

* Fishing rabbitfish on the island can also, if the boat is anchored ditubir reefs, fishing rod tegeg earlier we derive, at least 3.5 m long rod because the sea around the island rather deep, but not until we lower the base, so we hang 1 / 2 m from basis as well as rabbitfish hobby besides eating eat moss.

* Prepare a hook up at least 10 pieces to anticipate because the hooks are often stuck ditali-chart or a broken rope pulled a big fish. wear a rather large hook around the number 8, the higher the better because the target range more widely.

how to fish for tilapia

If you like fishing in natural waters such as lakes and reservoirs, then surely you often get these fish. Tilapia fish its name, has a Latin name (Oreochromis Mosambicus). This fish is rarely cultivated in the pool because it has a low economic level, although there are many sellers of fish they usually prefer to buy larger tilapia.

Tilapia fish is not too good to eat, because these fish have spines very much. If dijualpun prices are not expensive, so the hatchery pond owners prefer to maintain his other fish as a commodity.

In the fishing locations such as reservoirs and natural lakes is indeed the easiest fish to live. Because it is easy to adapt to freshwater, so the fish is able to live even de brackish waters. Tilapia fish including all fish eaters or herbivores, the main food is algae, aquatic plants, insects and worms. Tilapia fish including fish quite greedy with the food there, so the fishing is easier to catch.

Bait fishing for tilapia is moss, pellets, moth, red worms. Bait on a fishing bait in the main tilapia fish. Fishing with moss is usually a choice of fishing these fish, because fish are long in nature will eat normal food in there.

Bait and fishing techniques with moss somewhat different from other bait. We usually made of nylon fishing line, where the rope is given at least three hook, with a length of rope that is not the same. The intent was not until the rod mounted twisted with each other.

The tip of a nylon strap plus handle extension which stem from the cotton bud think - about 3 cm only, the point when it will take the moss that has been soaked in water anglers will not wet hands. The connection of the umbilical chord and a cotton bud in the connecting rod with reel - reel so it is more practical when installing the hook on the strings.

Fishing usually begins with tilapia fish collecting techniques are most effective is throwing moss to the fishing location. Fish that had gathered to make it easier when you are fishing. Happy Fishing

how to fish for mackerel

The appeal of mackerel fish seem not inexhaustible. From the beginning until now mackerel continue to be the target of anglers. Power ambushed and swim like a torpedo speed to make the angler crazy and love it. Fish that have a tasty meat is almost always missed its existence, then do not be surprised if the season suddenly mackerel hunters always waiting, like in Jakarta Bay and of course also other areas.

Mackerel is a fish that is not alien to the fishermen or anglers. Fish that has a slender elongated body shape, with a silvery color and there in his body almost like zebra stripes CROs always live in groups in search of food. Fish that are classified as pelagic fish, the mackerel fish like moving location. Certain time he lived in a particular reef, but a few days later he went wandering to connect the life. So these fish do not settle on one single location as the basic fish like snapper, and grouper jenaha.
Slim posture of course support the relatively high character of his life as an explorer. From his posture that we can understand that this fish is a fish hunter reliable. Serangnya rapid power boosted by sharp teeth make other fish such as fish como, selar fish and smaller fish are not powerless to deal with.
As well as fish predators of pelagic fish then the fish is much awaited his presence in every season. Mackerel fish always come along Jakarta Bay kawaan westerly winds which generally falls in January until August. In the old east of the season in September this fish come back.
Arrival of course invite mackerel fishermen and pancinger to outsmart each other how to get the famous fish meat is delicious. Do not be surprised if the coming season rental fishing boats in the Bay of Jakarta crowded rented pancinger. After fishing pancinger story continues to grow at the fishing stores and via face book.
Pancinger see many fish that give an appreciation of the recent special mackerel mackerel diperlombakan in a tournament. Recorded twice a Spanish mackerel fishing tournaments are special and the participants very much. Many participants mackerel tournament of course be a barometer that mackerel fish remain popular.

As a reliable hunter fish, mackerel is always eyeing the presence of small fish into meal. Small fish such as selar, como and bloating usually foraging in the rocky area is quite wide and shallow.
Location broad and long reef which is home to small fish turned out to be a promising place for mackerel, with meruahnya food for a living.
If the fish get bigger mackerel he not only live in shallow rocky areas, but go wandering into the middle of the ocean in search of food. Large mackerel fish prefer to live in solitaire or alone in the hunt for prey.
Large mackerel fish in foraging must also compete with other large pelagic fish such as barracuda, marlin and voyage. So do not be surprised if you are fishing in deep sea trolling lures you in to eat the mackerel.

Mackerel With Koncer Hunting Techniques
Spanish mackerel to hunt fish with koncer techniques we will present how the habits of the fishermen and anglers Thousand Islands - Jakarta. Although this technique is actually a common technique and knows no boundaries.
The weight of the bait fish in the waters of the Thousand Islands generally range from 3-4, are sometimes caught mackerel that are large, weighing 10 kg, of course, if the fish in the Thousand Islands area is not too large, then for a fantastic delicious mendapatan resistance is better to use the device even small ie kenur class between 2-8 kg is sufficient.
But if the fishing area produces fish such as mackerel large areas of eastern Indonesia, or the fish Ujungkulon and Binuangeun tenggirinya arguably because monsters weighing over 20 kg then the device also needs to be large as well.
Back to the Jakarta Bay area for specification tools in general as follows:
Fishing rod
select a short spinning rod, light (180-220 cm), the main ingredient graphite consisting of one or two stems. Select a curved rod action from the middle to the ends (class 2-4 kg) or rod curved at the end only with a class of 65 kg - 10 kg.
The use of rollers should select a model spinning with 2-12 anti-rust metal ball bearings. If the container can be made of graphite and spulnya. Real size should be equal to the size kenur class or moved up one grade above kenur size.
Use of the IGFA kenur test is better because if you get a fish for a record category it safer. Usually small kenur grade 8 lbs - 20 lbs. Pinsipnya the smaller the stern but necessary shrewdness and hours of flying high. While kenur PE could also be used for fishing but kenur is not unusual for anglers who enjoy fishing and kenur koncer PE is often used for fishing or jigging popping.
Rope Edge
Because mackerel fish have sharp teeth and resembles a chain saw then for the anticipation of using the rope end of a single steel wire or wire numbers 24-28 grade steel fibers 15-24 kg. The use of steel wire geganasan proven to reduce stroke mackerel where anglers without fear kenurnya will break.

Draw the circuit
Famous mackerel very sharp teeth. Kebiasaanya grabbed the bait usually menyabar from the side or rear by way of ambush and furious speed. Character stroke and high power serangnya that anglers need to equip it with a meal on the wire rope penghujungnya.
For anglers who like fishing base with koncer techniques using live bait, so that the presentation related to a maximum of bait fish usually installed two hook both of which must be firmly embedded into the body of the fish.

Terggiri fish include pelagic fish category (surface). In the Thousand Islands area of ​​mackerel fish more often lured by koncer. However there is also a fishing pemancingya by trolling.
Bait fish are most often used by fishermen and anglers is live mackerel. For anglers who prefer trolling usually choose fish that are not easy to live off the speed very slowly.
In order to keep small fish gather at one location then it does is throw rebon (ngebom / chuming) or with a dead mackerel in order to get a quick response from the lively mackerel.

Teaching Techniques
Habits of the mackerel fish grabbed the bait with a high speed course makes kenur real in an instant out of tens of meters. If suddenly you real loud creaking do not panic. Usually this is the moment because the mackerel swimming speed will be reduced by itself.
To anticipate this then sets the drag on the strength of 30% of kekutan kenur so that when the fish made off with we will not even worried about the breakup kenur.
After resistance mackerel anglers quit now live action to teach these fish. Play your rod up and down rhythmically. Pull the rod to the top then lower down and then follow by turning the crank real. Do not rush and teruys mastered the state to near the ship.
If the mackerel swim toward the boat then you have to anticipate it by rolling quickly. After a tense condition kenur you should carefully so the fish do not rebel and win the battle with the nimble mackerel.

Troling Bilis
Fish can also be fished with mackerel trolling techniques. Fishing trolling or call ma ncing delay is fishing by the vessel running. Bait held out behind the ship within a few yards and then kapalpun running.
Bait is often used for fishing mackerel fish also varied. There are artificial lures and natural baits. Artificial baits such as konahead, Rapala is a bait that can be used for mackerel fishing. While the natural bait fish that is normally sewn mackerel, and tuna.
In trolling fishing usually takes not only fish but sometimes fish wahu mackerel, barracuda, and even sometimes fish voyage and other pelagic fish .

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