fishing at sea from the mainland

Fishing on land or is divided into various activities such as: "Surfishing" or fishing from the beach, "Pierfishing" or fishing on the dock and "Rockfishing" or fishing from the rocks.

Well, here's the explanation:

1. SURFISHING (Fishing from shore): Usually performed at the edge of a sandy beach, and SPINNING is a common device used here. Can also use other types of devices, depending on the type of fish you want. Small crabs, marine worms, shrimp, sliced ​​fish, live and artificial baits also can be used as bait. On the potential locations, you may be able to fish large enough.

2. PIERFISHING (Fishing from the pier): Fishing from the port, dock or anchoring wood waves. Most anglers from the dock to do it for recreation, as well by bringing their families. But you also should try it, because it is not possible to get large fish such as sharks, stingrays, white snapper, etc.. A common tool used is the type SPINNING, because it is easy to use. Used the same bait with SURFISHING.

3. ROCKFISHING (Fishing from the rocks): From the name it is clear that fishing activities conducted from the location of the rocky reef. I once watched a movie about fishing from the rocks, and as a target bait fish is Marlin. Marlin is not a common target in ROCKFISHING, and I've never seen before and was very thrilling and exciting. Usually on ROCKFISHING can get bigger fish when compared with SURFISHING and PIERFISHING. Both the device and the bait used was the same as SURFISHING and PIERFISHING, but the fishing activities carried out from a steep rocky beaches and also a little difficult to achieve at some locations


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