fishing tips and tricks rabbitfish

* Choose a chart that has long been a lot of mussels and barnacles sticking his foot bamboo chart, if you can not find the chart waring the chart to find fish or squid on which there is a hut.

* Look for the boatman who knew the terrain.

* Try to wear gloves or otherwise thick cloth to hold the rabbitfish rabbitfish because the thorns are numerous. Although rabbitfish is dead, could still contain fins, so try cleaning the fins shaved / trimmed, new dibelek entrails removed and cleaned after it is processed according to individual taste.

* Fishing rabbitfish on the island can also, if the boat is anchored ditubir reefs, fishing rod tegeg earlier we derive, at least 3.5 m long rod because the sea around the island rather deep, but not until we lower the base, so we hang 1 / 2 m from basis as well as rabbitfish hobby besides eating eat moss.

* Prepare a hook up at least 10 pieces to anticipate because the hooks are often stuck ditali-chart or a broken rope pulled a big fish. wear a rather large hook around the number 8, the higher the better because the target range more widely.


Wow! this is such an informational post. Thank you for your nice tips and tricks sharing. I got many idea about fishing.

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