how to fish for tilapia

If you like fishing in natural waters such as lakes and reservoirs, then surely you often get these fish. Tilapia fish its name, has a Latin name (Oreochromis Mosambicus). This fish is rarely cultivated in the pool because it has a low economic level, although there are many sellers of fish they usually prefer to buy larger tilapia.

Tilapia fish is not too good to eat, because these fish have spines very much. If dijualpun prices are not expensive, so the hatchery pond owners prefer to maintain his other fish as a commodity.

In the fishing locations such as reservoirs and natural lakes is indeed the easiest fish to live. Because it is easy to adapt to freshwater, so the fish is able to live even de brackish waters. Tilapia fish including all fish eaters or herbivores, the main food is algae, aquatic plants, insects and worms. Tilapia fish including fish quite greedy with the food there, so the fishing is easier to catch.

Bait fishing for tilapia is moss, pellets, moth, red worms. Bait on a fishing bait in the main tilapia fish. Fishing with moss is usually a choice of fishing these fish, because fish are long in nature will eat normal food in there.

Bait and fishing techniques with moss somewhat different from other bait. We usually made of nylon fishing line, where the rope is given at least three hook, with a length of rope that is not the same. The intent was not until the rod mounted twisted with each other.

The tip of a nylon strap plus handle extension which stem from the cotton bud think - about 3 cm only, the point when it will take the moss that has been soaked in water anglers will not wet hands. The connection of the umbilical chord and a cotton bud in the connecting rod with reel - reel so it is more practical when installing the hook on the strings.

Fishing usually begins with tilapia fish collecting techniques are most effective is throwing moss to the fishing location. Fish that had gathered to make it easier when you are fishing. Happy Fishing


Very nice and informative blog posting. Among all the fish, tilapia fish is Awesome! Tilapia fish farming is very profitable and easy. I like this fish very much for it's unique taste and nutritional value.

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